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Teacher Resources

The Grand Bay NERR’s Education team provides a variety of resources relating to environmental science that teachers can readily access and bring into their classrooms. Explore the different guided lesson plans we offer! Each one is designed so you can quickly and easily teach estuary science. Better yet, ask us about our in-classroom visits from our educators, or plan a class field to our reserve. We even offer teacher workshops so that our local teachers can expand their own knowledge of coastal science and habitats.

Teachers on the Estuary (TOTE) Workshops

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A TOTE workshop is a research and field-based training program. Teachers use TOTE to increase their understanding of estuary science, and they learn how to engage students in the investigation of changes in their local environment. With this program, teachers and students can interact with scientists, find information about local environmental issues, and participate in field trips and community conservation projects. It’s a learning experience you won’t forget and will love to take back to your students! TOTE workshops offer a minimum of 15 contact hours, and continuing education units (CEUs) are available.

Grand Bay NERR Lesson Previews

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Our educators have several lessons you could use in your classroom! From Pre-K through 12th grade, there’s something for everyone. All lessons can be adapted for different age groups, and Grand Bay NERR educators are always here to help cater to your classroom needs.

NOAA Estuary Education Resources

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Explore NOAA’s Estuary Education page! On this site, educators will find a variety of resources from all over the nation, including specially developed activities, animations, videos, and real-time data. This information will help educators share the wonders of estuaries with students and others. 

Meet the Coordinator

Avery Beck is the Education Coordinator.
She oversees the Grand Bay NERR's Education programs.