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Coastal Training Program

The Coastal Training Program (CTP) designs trainings for those whose actions and decisions have an impact on our coastal resources such as resource managers, public officials, and community members. It is critical that these audiences have the best available science to inform the decision-making process as those decisions have a direct impact on the resiliency of the Gulf Coast including the natural and built environments and the communities that rely on them.

CTP trainings are currently focused on resilient communities, the National Flood Insurance Program, the Community Rating System, and using green infrastructure to mitigate flooding and non-point source pollution. The Program also focuses on habitats and research at the Reserve and in surrounding areas as well as providing technical skills trainings. Examples of these include GIS, statistics, wetland delineations, project design and meeting facilitation to name a few.

Click on the links below to learn more about upcoming trainings, past trainings, or to suggest a training topic that you think would be beneficial to our Gulf Coast Communities.

Meet the Coordinator

Margo Posten is the Coastal Training Program Coordinator.
She oversees the Grand Bay NERR's training programs.