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Research Opportunities

Grand Bay NERR is home to a wide variety of natural environments, from subtidal embayments and intertidal marshes to upland wet pine savannas. There has also been relatively little development in the Bayou Heron watershed, and moderate development in the Bayou Cumbest watershed; past studies have used these bayous as part of a gradient from less-to-more human development. Please see the Grand Bay Site Profile and the Research Priorities pages for more on our known needs; but these are not exhaustive! Citations of past research are also available. We are also happy to share our data if it will help inform a project; please see below for more details.

For Visiting Professionals

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Are you asking these questions?

  • I want to do research at Grand Bay; what do I need to know and do? 
  • Can I stay on-site?
  • Can I use lab space while I’m here?

If so, check out our For Visiting Professionals page for more information.

Data Availability

Check out the NERRS CDMO for water quality, meteorological, nutrient, and vegetation data (when available), and habitat maps. Quick tips:

  • Our name may look like “GNDNERR” or have “GND” in a title.
  • For real time data, you may see something like “GNDBLWQ,” where “GND” stands for our reserve, “BL” is one of our stations (Bangs Lake), and “WQ” is water quality. If the last part of the name has “MET,” that’s meteorological data. 
  • If you see a name has “NUT” at the end, that’s nutrient data.

List of datasets available on request

  • NFM – NERR Fish Monitoring (2005-2014)
  • SETs, marker horizons (2011- present)

  • Vegetation monitoring (2015 – present)

  • Discrete water quality (2012- present) 

  • Shoreline erosion. Shapefile


  • DEMs- digital elevation models.
    • Point data from 2013 & 2018. Shapefile.

    • Drone DEMs 2017 

  • DIVER (portal for NRDA data)

  • Vertical control – NGS site 

Meet the Staff

Amanda Free is our Graduate Research Assistant.
She is also our 2022-2024 Margaret Davidson Fellow!