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Upland Herpetofauna Monitoring

Here at the Grand Bay NERR, we monitor herp (reptile and amphibian) populations, and how these populations may change in response to land management and restoration. A wide range of methods are used so that we can adequately monitor the frogs, turtles, salamanders, snakes, and lizards that co-occur in the upland habitats of our Research Reserve. By studying herp communities in areas of pristine wet pine savanna and areas in need of restoration, we can tell if these communities are changing as we would expect for lands that are changing around them. Additionally, this can show us which species may be indicators of healthy wet pine savanna. Their presence at a site will let us know that our restoration efforts are successful!


We also monitor rare and endangered species whose populations may not change due to land management, but that we are interested in for conservation purposes, such as the Alabama Redbellied Turtle.

Meet the Staff

Andrew Heaton is the Resource Monitoring Specialist.
He oversees herp monitoring at Grand Bay NERR.