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The Grand Bay NERR’s Education Program is an integrated program of life-long learning opportunities designed to educate a variety of audiences on the importance of coastal resources.

Creating informed coastal stewards first requires us to instill a sense of place, or a personal attachment, to our coastal areas. We do this through our K-12 and Community Education Programs. In these programs, we share information gathered by our scientists and other researchers through hands-on learning methods both inside classrooms and out in the field. Whenever possible, we use the many habitats of the reserve as “living laboratories and classrooms” so that our audiences can experience first-hand all the reserve’s unique biological, geological, historical and cultural wonders. These activities help reinforce our message that everyone plays a key role in keeping our coastal environments healthy and productive.

All of our education programs are FREE!

Meet the Coordinator

Avery Beck is the Education Coordinator.
She oversees the Grand Bay NERR's Education programs.