September 2, 2021
On-Demand Presentations

Our Research Symposium speakers have prepared presentations for you to watch at your leisure! They are now ready to view. 

Questions for the presenter? Fill out the Google Form at the end of each session group and then tune in to our live discussions on Friday, September 10th to get those questions answered!


Presentations focus on vegetation monitoring in a variety of habitats, plus our new herbarium!

“The Effects of Short-Term Sea Level Rise on Vegetation Communities in Coastal Mississippi”  

Brianna Andrews – Grand Bay NERR & Mississippi State University


“Landscape-Scale Restoration and Monitoring of Pine Savanna and Flatwoods Habitats on the Mississippi Gulf Coast”

Dr. Jonathan Pitchford – Grand Bay NERR


Methods for Analyzing Changes in Species Composition Over Time and Assessing Ecological Restoration Success”

Dr. Steve Brewer – University of Mississippi


Press and Click: Toward a More Accessible Herbarium”

Dr. Janet Wright – Citizen Scientist

Wet Pine Savanna

Presentations focus on responses of fauna to different land management techniques, plus invasive species management

“Feral Hogs and Their Influence on the Grand Bay NERR”  

Jacob Goff – Grand Bay NERR 


“Pine Savanna Herp Responses to Land Management and Restoration”

Andrew Heaton – Grand Bay NERR


“The Response of Bats and Their Insect Prey to Different Coastal Upland Habitat Management Techniques”

Mandy Sartain – Mississippi State University


Marshes and Subtidal Monitoring/Restoration

Presentations focus on results of marsh and subtidal restoration such as prescribed fire and oyster reef installation

“NRDA Phase IV Subtidal and Intertidal Reefs”  

Michael Brochard – Grand Bay NERR 


“Evaluating the Effectiveness of Restoration Approaches for Nearshore Habitat”

Matthew Virden – Mississippi State University & Grand Bay NERR Margaret Davidson Fellow


“NOAA Firebird: Establishing a Framework for Monitoring Black Rail, Yellow Rail, and Mottled Duck Response to Prescribed Fire in the Northern Gulf of Mexico”

Dr. Peter Kappes – Mississippi State University


Ecological Processes

Presentations focus on structure, function, and migration of marshes as well as physical factors like bathymetry and sediment transport

“Coastal Wetland Change at the Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve”

Dr. Wei Wu – University of Southern Mississippi 


“Estuarine and Marsh Geology Project”

Dr. Chris Smith – USGS


“Sediment Loss and Gain at Eroding Marsh Shorelines”

Dr. Kathryn Smith – USGS


“Disturbance Effects on Plant-Soil Feedbacks to Ecosystem Functions Along a Coastal Transition at Grand Bay”

Dr. Julia Cherry – University of Alabama