Sargassum Fish (Histrio histrio)

The sargassum fish is a small ambush predator (growing only to 20 cm in length) that gets its common name from the habitat in which it lives – sargassum algae beds that float on the ocean’s surface.  The sargassum fish is generally found in tropical and subtropical areas of the world in offshore waters and comes inshore when winds push the sargassum algae towards land. These fish are camouflaged to look like the sargassum seaweed and have fleshy weed-like protuberances that cover their bodies.  This natural camouflage allows the fish to easily ambush their prey of shrimp and other small fish as well as hide from predators.  They are occasionally found at the Grand Bay NERR during the summer months when southerly winds bring the sargassum algae close to shore.


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