Estuaries 101 Curriculum

Inspiring Students to Learn about our Nation’s Living Classrooms

With the many threats that our nation’s oceans face, it is time for a new era of ocean literacy and enhanced efforts to prepare today’s children to be tomorrow’s ocean stewards. Estuaries are an ideal topic to excite students about studying the ocean because of the strong personal connections people have with estuaries—from treasured recreation experiences, scenic views during transits, to making a living on the water. Advancing estuarine, coastal, and ocean literacy is a priority of NOAA’s National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS). It is our expectation that, through the Estuaries 101 Curriculum, students and teachers will gain an understanding of the great importance of estuaries and the intricate connections it has with the ocean and climate systems.

The goal of Estuaries 101 is for students and teachers throughout the nation to become more ocean literate through increasing their knowledge of coastal and estuarine science and how estuaries affect their daily lives. To achieve this increased literacy, teachers use Estuaries 101 to access curricular resources designed to help educators bring estuarine science into the classroom. All of these materials can be adapted to meet any grade level. The lessons and activities feature hands-on learning, experiments, fieldwork, and data explorations. Each lesson is bundled with all the necessary tools and resources to aid with classroom implementation. Use of the Estuaries 101 website is encouraged and supported through professional development training hosted at 28 Reserves and at professional meetings across the nation.

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