Frequently Asked Questions

  • Grand Bay? Isn’t that in Alabama?
    The body of water that is “Grand Bay” is split between Mississippi and Alabama state waters. It is the namesake of the Grand Bay NERR, Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), and yes- the town of Grand Bay, AL! Grand Bay, AL is the neighboring town across the state line. The Grand Bay Coastal Resources Center is the headquarters of the Grand Bay NERR and NWR, and the building is located in Moss Point, MS.
  • How do we get to your building?
    The most accurate way to find our building is type in “6005 Bayou Heron Rd, Moss Point, MS 39562” in your GPS or map app on your smartphone. Typing in “Grand Bay NERR” may take you to a part of the Reserve, but it won’t take you to the building.
  • How much does it cost to visit your center?
    It’s FREE! You can walk in Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to visit our interpretive center and check out our trails. On the occasion of an event or workshop, we may have a fee, but check our Facebook page for the most updated events and workshops.
  • Do you have animals for kids to see?
    In our interpretive center, we have a resident Mississippi diamondback terrapin named Tobi, and she’s popular with visitors! While we do not operate like our friends at zoos, aquariums, and some natural science centers, you can find all sorts of birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and bugs if you just take a walk outside and look around! The purpose of the Grand Bay NERR and NWR is to provide protected space for our native plants and animals to thrive and maintain a natural balance in our local ecosystems.
  • Do you take in injured animals?
    Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity, resources, and talent to take in injured animals. If you are on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with an injured animal, try contacting Gulf Coast Wildlife Rehab at 228-238-5505, Wild at Heart Rescue at 228-669-7907, or Wildlife Care and Rescue Center at 228-669-2737. For coastal Alabama wildlife rehabilitation contacts, check out this list.
  • How could I find job opportunities at Grand Bay NERR?
    Jobs are typically posted on our home page. All job applications can be found at If you are a college student or recent graduate, we typically look for summer interns starting in February or March, so check back often!
  • How do I register my boat/watercraft?
    Boat and watercraft registration is handled by a different state agency, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. To contact them, call 601-432-2400.
  • Can I hunt on Grand Bay NERR property?
    Hunting is permitted through the Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge (NWR). Grand Bay NERR (state) and NWR (federal) lands overlap. Since the Grand Bay NWR spans both Mississippi and Alabama, you must be aware of hunting regulations in both states. For hunting regulations and to find a hunting permit, visit . The hunting permit is also available at the Grand Bay Coastal Resources Center at the front desk.
  • Can I camp or park my RV on Grand Bay NERR property?
    Unfortunately we do not have campgrounds on Grand Bay NERR or NWR property. Our parking lot does have space for visitors with RVs traveling through during the daytime operating hours, but we do not have the proper resources you would expect at a campground or RV park. *Please note that to get to our building, you do have to cross a railroad. We’ve successfully had big delivery trucks, freight trucks, charter buses, and school buses cross the tracks no problem.
  • Can I rent kayaks to paddle on the estuary?
    Grand Bay NERR is a beautiful place to kayak! Oftentimes we have free kayak trips open to the public, but those are scheduled with a staff guide and kayaks and life jackets are provided. For every day kayaking, we do not have the capacity or permissions to be able to rent out our kayaks, so we suggest bringing your own if you’d like to paddle on your own. We are also working with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Heritage Area on our Blueway. In the meantime, check out the existing Blueways at nearby locations here. Nearby places that rent out kayaks are the MGCCC Estuarine Education Center and the Pascagoula River Audubon Center.

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